Requires: Subscription to Visual UGC

When using shoppable content in a widget, you might want to customize the label and behavior of the call to action button. There are a couple of ways that can be done.

Configure a default CTA label for each product:

To configure a different CTA label for each product tag, go to:

  • Go to Engage > Commerce

  • Search for the product tag you want to update

  • Click Edit

  • Update the Button Text field with the desired value

  • Click on the Advanced tab

  • Update the Custom URL Target field with the desired value

Configure a default CTA label for all your products:

Customers with a Nosto Personalization account connected with Visual UGC:

If you are also a Nosto Personalization customer, you can update the default CTA label and behavior for all the products in your product feed by going to:

  • Settings > Product Feed in the Visual UGC Admin Portal

  • Update the Default CTA Label or Default CTA Behavior fields with the desired values

If you are a merchant with multiple Nosto Personalisation accounts connected with a single Visual UGC account you will see multiple Product Feeds on this page, and you can configure a different default value for each Product Feed.

Nosto Visual UGC-only customers:

If you only have Nosto Visual UGC, you can also define a default CTA label for your widget, but that needs to be done directly in each widget using custom code.

Alternatively, you can choose to update the default CTA label and behavior for all your products by exporting all your product tags, updating the CSV file with the desired value, and re-import the product tags again using the Bulk Export / Import feature available under

Engage > Commerce.

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