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Do I need a backup search in addition to the Findologic search?
Do I need a backup search in addition to the Findologic search?
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Findologic offers a multi-level security system to ensure maximum reliability:

Round Robin: Distribution of search queries over several servers.

Load balancing: Automated load balancing within the Findologic servers.

Fallback server: Hardware failures are intercepted.

Fallback mechanism: Redirects to the standard shop search in case of a connection or service failure.

In the fourth case – if the Findologic search fails unexpectedly – we strongly recommend our customers to implement a functioning backup search.

If no backup search exists, a search failure can lead to very unfavourable results in the online shop during this period (no results page for all search terms, response contains a white page, etc.).

If you still want to do without a backup search on your site, we ask you to clarify this with us. Our technical support is at your disposal to help you find the simplest and most efficient solution. We strongly recommend that you at least add a note that the search is currently not available.

Findologic of course implements a standard mechanism which triggers the standard shop search (fallback on your site) if our servers are not reached.

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