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How do I use synonyms sensibly?
How do I use synonyms sensibly?
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Findologic offers its customers a synonym functionality to optimise the search function from a semantic point of view.

An example: You carry various "caps" as items in your shop. But now you also want your customers to find the relevant items and thus the hats when searching for the term "cap".

  • To do this, open your Findologic customer account and select Synonyms under Settings.

  • Here, enter both the title of the product and the term for which these product(s) are to be found. So in this case, the terms "hat" and "cap".

  • Now the corresponding products are also found for the search term "cap".

  • This functionality is available for the search result pages as well as for Smart Suggest.

In the following, you will find a few important points which will help you to use this functionality easily and effectively.

  • Please note that you ONLY use the synonyms to semantically optimise the search. This means that synonyms should only be used for words with the same or a similar meaning.

  • Please DO NOT use this functionality to correct spelling mistakes, multiple forms, or typos. These are already intercepted algorithmically by Findologic.

  • Also, the entering of variants like wheels, wheel, tyres or tires is not necessary and should be avoided.

  • IMPORTANT: If you enter words with typos or spelling mistakes as synonyms, these misspelled terms may appear in Smart Suggest as search suggestions.

  • If you refer to a product that is available in your shop, please make sure that you enter the name of the product exactly as it is indicated in the title of a product.

  • Example: You have smartphones in your shop and would like to create a synonym for the term "mobile phone". The title of the products listed in the search index contains "Smartphone".

  • Then make sure to enter the synonym Smartphone <-> Mobile phone and NOT Smartphones <-> Mobile phone.

  • Synonyms cannot be used transitively. This means that for the given synonyms smartphone <-> mobile phone and mobile phone <-> mobile phone NO synonym smartphone <-> mobile phone exists.

  • Creating a synonym does NOT mean that the two entered search terms return exactly the same search result. The respective terms are only SUPPLEMENTED by the other. Thus the search results will usually differ from each other.

  • Newly added synonyms only work after a new import. You can trigger this manually in your Findologic customer account under Settings -> Import/Export -> Manual Import (from Professional and higher contract).

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