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How can I optimize the search for article numbers?
How can I optimize the search for article numbers?
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Findologic searches for article numbers by default according to the following scheme: Numbers-

A regular expression can be used to prevent Findologic from performing a full text search when searching for item numbers. All known schemes of article numbers occurring in your shop are aggregated and compared with the submitted search query. If a search query corresponds to a known article number scheme, a special action can be defined for it.

Example: If there is a 100% match in the "ordernumber" field and the result set is exactly 1 - you can forward the request directly to the product detail page of the appropriate product. If the condition does not apply, a transparent message can be output to the customer that the article number search did not lead to a 100% match.

Note: In the case of direct integration, we will implement the regex logic for you. With an API integration, this can be done on your side.

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