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How can I avoid search queries without results?
How can I avoid search queries without results?
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You can use the following actions to avoid search queries without results. This way, your customers will not leave your shop because they will receive plausible and desired search results:

Landing page

Using a landing page, you can link specific search terms to a specific page in your shop. Example: A customer is looking for LEVIS jeans. However, you do not stock LEVIS jeans, but have other brands of jeans. Here, a link to the branded jeans landing page in your shop is very useful. You can find more information about landing pages in our technical documentation.

Product range extension

You notice that your shop visitors are increasingly looking for a product which the potential customer in your shop classifies as available. However, you do not sell this product. Here, it might be a good idea to include this product in your product range.


The report tells you that customers often choose a different term for a product in your portfolio and search for it. Example: A customer searches for the search term "cap", but does not get any results, because your products are listed under "hats" or "headgear". You can now use synonyms to refer customers who are looking for "caps" to the hats or headgear. You will find more information on this topic in this FAQ article.

Maintain no-results page

Please make sure that the no-results page is not just empty. Take the chance to refer to your telephone service or to special landing pages with top sellers. So, you can still issue a reasonable reaction to an inquiry if you do not actually get a search result for a certain search term in your shop.

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