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Instagram: Missing Posts
Instagram: Missing Posts
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On certain occasions, you might notice that some Instagram posts might not be in your Visual UGC stack. There are multiple reasons why this might happen so, we have listed below the main causes to help you troubleshoot.

Common Reasons

Business Posts created using the Instagram Collab Feature

Posts created via the Instagram Collab feature are not detected as business posts this is a limitation in the Instagram API, so they will not be ingested via a Business Term.

Reels with licensed audio

Instagram API does not provide the media link for Reels that have licensed music, and for that reason, those types of reels cannot be ingested in Visual UGC. It's not straightforward to identify if the audio is licensed or not, but typically, if the reel does not say "original audio" it's most likely because it's licensed and cannot be played outside the Instagram platform.

Children of a Carousel Posts

Due to recent changes on the Instagram API, children of Carousel posts are not available to be ingested in Visual UGC.

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