Getting started with Nosto and Klaviyo integration is quick and easy process and takes less than a minute.

Start by retrieving an API token from your Klaviyo account, located in Klaviyo admin under Account > Settings > API keys

Submit the API token in Nosto admin under Settings > Integrations > Klaviyo.

Synchronizing takes a few seconds up to a few minutes and creates a list Nosto customers on your Klaviyo account. List is updated twice a day (or every 12hrs) with new contacts and segments from Nosto. During synchronization, Nosto will create possible new contacts which don't exist in Klaviyo, but typically majority of email-contacts already are available on Klaviyo account, so only the segment detail as a contact's attribute is added or updated.

Instead of creating contacts, Nosto adds a custom Klaviyo property nosto_segment to existing contacts with an identical value to segments you have created in the Nosto admin. In the example below, note (bottom right) the property nosto_segments with value Category affinity: Kombai

Consisting of users in the same segment in Nosto highlighted below.

Finally, create a segment in Klaviyo based on the custom property value like below, and use Klaviyo's targeting & automation options in Klaviyo to dispatch hyper-targeted email and messaging campaigns!

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