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Connecting Nosto to Facebook Ad Account: New Integration
Connecting Nosto to Facebook Ad Account: New Integration

A step by step guide how to enable the updated and new integration between Nosto and Facebook's ad services.

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Initiate the wizard under Settings > Integrations > Facebook & Instagram.

Migrating old connection

If you were already connected to Facebook using the old integration you can simply click on the Migrate Account button, which will pause all ongoing ad campaigns, delete their associated product catalogs and migrate the account to the new version. Steps required to connect the account the first time or after disconnecting below.

New connection

The connection wizard connects the selected Nosto account to the selected Facebook ad account and business manager. Depending on the integration mode that you choose, Nosto will handle and manage

  • Pixel, audience and product catalog management (left)

  • Only pixel with audiences, but no product catalog (centre)

  • Only product catalog (right)

When either of the two modes which handle pixel management are selected, Nosto will add the Facebook tracking pixel associated with the selected Facebook ad account to the target website, tracking standard e-commerce tracking events and required custom events, which make Nosto's segments available as target audiences on Facebook. Therefore, please review and potentially remove your existing Facebook pixel before proceeding with the connection to avoid potential tracking errors. Read more about Facebook Pixel and management here.

Once the mode is selected, user is prompted to log-in to Facebook. A user who makes the connection needs to have an administrator-level access to both Facebook ad account and business manager.

The dialogue will prompt you to allow Nosto to access your Facebook settings. Manage the business access is required to retrieve the ad accounts that you use, while manage pages and ads management are needed in order to create catalog and audiences on the ad accounts. Note that you can disconnect Nosto at any time from accessing your business settings, while the connection and access is managed fully by the integration, not by Nosto personnel.

Once the connection is successfully established, a user is directed back to the Nosto admin.

A Facebook user can have an access to multiple Business Managers and ad accounts so please take the time to review that you choose the correct ones that you wish to use with Nosto. Each Facebook pixel is also associated with a single ad account, hence if the intention is to use a separate pixel for Nosto integration, please select the correct ad account from the dropdown list. If the desired ad account or business manager accounts don't appear in the lists, it's very likely that the user making the connection does not have an admin level access.

In addition to account selection, the wizard will prompt to accept and approve any remaining Facebook terms and conditions.

Final step is the configuration of the catalog if that mode is selected. Using the inclusion and exclusion rules you can narrow down products added to the product catalog in Facebook. Nosto automatically removes sold out and removed products from the product catalog and updates details such as price, name and similar, should these change in your e-commerce platform.

As the final step, click Save and Connect which will connect and conclude the connection wizard and direct you to the management dashboard presuming the connection is successful

Activating Previous Campaigns

If you would like to re-use a campaign that was previously managed through Nosto, you can go to the Facebook Ads Manager. Then select your campaign, press the duplicate button and follow the steps in the wizard. You can select the Nosto Default Product Catalog within the wizard.

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