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What will Co-Pilot provide recommendations on?

Once enabled and trained, Co-Pilot can provide the following recommendations on a Tile:

  • Tile Status
    Co-Pilot can recommend whether a Tile should be marked for Publish or Disabled

  • Tile Tags
    Co-Pilot can recommend whether a particular Tag(s) should be applied to a Tile

  • Rights Management
    Co-Pilot can recommend whether you should seek rights to a piece of content

  • Tile Interactions
    Co-Pilot can recommend whether a Tile has a greater propensity to get high interactions if used on a Widget

Note: By default, Co-Pilot will provide updates on the three most used Tags within your Stack. If you would like to modify this, you can do so on the Co-Pilot settings screen by navigating to Settings > Co-Pilot.

What factors influence Co-Pilot's recommendations?

Several factors influence Co-Pilot's recommendations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Current and Previous User Behaviour

  • Tile Meta Data

  • Widget Insights

  • Visual Recognition Insights

How do I get Co-Pilot on my Stack?

Please contact your Customer Success Account Manager to find out how you can get Co-Pilot enabled on your Stack.

Once Co-Pilot is enabled, how long will it take before I start seeing recommendations?

For Co-Pilot to start making recommendations on your Stack, it needs to monitor and learn your behavior to understand what content you publish, disable, tag, and/or request rights to. As such, once Co-Pilot has been enabled, you will need to perform a minimum number of tasks in one of these areas for the service to have enough information to start marking recommendations. Co-Pilot will only make recommendations on those for which it has enough data. The minimum task number for each of the models is as follows:

  • Tile Status (Publish / Disable): A minimum of 100 Tiles must be either Published and/or Disabled over the past 30 days.

  • Tags: A minimum of 50 Tile must have been applied to this particular Tag over the past 30 days

  • Rights Management: A minimum of 20 Tiles must have had interactions (Impressions, Click, etc) over the past 30 days

  • Interactions: A minimum of 20 tiles must have had interactions (impressions, clicks, etc) over the past 30 days

How regularly does the Model 're-train' / update?

By default, Co-Pilot will update its recommendations weekly. Training frequency can be changed to monthly or a manual retrain initiated on the Co-Pilot settings screen by navigating to Settings > Co-Pilot.

What recommendations will show under the 'Co-Pilot' tab in Curate > Content?

This tab will showcase any content that has a positive recommendation. A positive recommendation is:

  • Recommendation to Publish

  • Recommendation to Apply a Tag

  • Recommendation to Request Rights

Can I turn off models that I don't use?

By default, Co-Pilot will not provide Recommendations for functions/services that you don't use e.g. Rights Management or Widgets. If desired, the Co-Pilot models can be turned off on the Co-Pilot settings screen by navigating to Settings > Co-Pilot.

If I use the 'Quick-Add' button, what Tiles will it automatically apply recommendations?

Quick-Add will only automatically apply recommendations to those Tiles visible on the current page within the Moderation view. For example, if your Moderation View is set to display 25 tiles, the Quick-Add button will only apply any recommendations that have been made on those respective tiles in that view.

Can I select multiple Tiles and batch the recommendations myself?

When selecting multiple Tiles, the 'Apply all recommendations' will become available. This batch action will apply all recommendations to the selected Tiles.

How do I apply an individual recommendation?

Individual recommendations can be applied by clicking the "Show details" link on the recommendation overlay. The list of recommendations for that Tile will then be displayed underneath the content, where each can be applied individually.

How do I inform Co-Pilot if it has made an incorrect recommendation?

Co-Pilot is always learning, especially in the early stages, it will make recommendations that don't meet your requirements. If a recommendation is incorrect, simply follow the below options:

  • Complete the action you believe it should have chosen (e.g. if the recommendation was to disable a Tile, but you wish to Publish it, then simply Publish the tile)

  • Dismiss the recommendation on the Tile (scroll over the recommendation and hit dismiss)

  • Simply do nothing to the tile

Any of the above actions will help to influence the Co-Pilot algorithm and will help to generate more accurate recommendations in the future.

Can I search for a particular recommendation within Manage Content?

Yes, you can. Go to Curate > Content > Filter By selecting the 'Recommendation' option and enabling the options that you wish to review.

Can I apply Co-Pilot to my Saved Views?

Yes, by default the recommendations will be available on a per Tile basis for any Saved Views that you have created. To customise your view follow this guide.

Not all content includes recommendations. Why is that?

Co-Pilot will only provide recommendations on content and where there is a certain level of confidence. If the level of confidence in the recommendation is not there, it will not make a recommendation. As such, you may see random Tiles within your Stack with no recommendation. It is also based on the models that you have chosen. If a piece of content does not match the model, then no recommendation will appear.

Can I see the Co-Pilot recommendations via UGC REST API?

Yes, Nosto makes all recommendations, including the Model, Target, Outcome, and Confidence Score available within our REST API outputs.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to support@nosto.com and our support team will get back to you.

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