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Getting started with Co-Pilot
Getting started with Co-Pilot
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Co-Pilot supports users within the Content Curation process by monitoring and recommending content based on a user's behavior and by providing new ways to surface the best content that has recently been aggregated into a Stack.

The following guide provides a high-level summary of these new features, and how a customer can leverage them as part of their curation process.

Clients who have purchased the feature will notice that as part of enabling Co-Pilot, their Curate Content view will have a slightly changed experience, as presented in the below screenshot.

New Features include an updated Filter By section, 'Co-Pilot Recommendations' tab, Quick Add Recommendations and recommendations on a per tile basis.

The presented options are designed to present the insights and recommendations from Co-Pilot in a contextual manner to support your existing Curation processes, whilst also providing several features to help reduce moderation time.

Details of each of these are listed below.


Co-Pilot Recommendations Tab

Use this area to quickly and easily find recent content that has been aggregated into your Nosto platform that has a positive recommendation.

Co-Pilot's positive Recommendations are suggested based on the below:

  • Whether a Tile should be marked as Published;

  • Whether a Tag(s) that should be applied to a Tile; and

  • Whether Rights should be requested to a content creator's image.

Users can choose to further refine the content, apply recommendations, or curate each Tile individually.

This view will automatically remove any content with negative recommendations or that has no recommendations.

Refine Content by Recommendations

Users who have Co-Pilot enabled will have access to a 'Recommendations' option. This allows a user to apply the Co-Pilot recommendations to either an existing Moderation View or a refined segment within Nosto or to refine a specific recommendation.

The options may vary from Stack to Stack, however, customers can expect to see some of the options below:

  • Filter By Tiles Recommended to be Published

  • Filter By Tiles Recommended to be Disabled

  • Filter By Tiles Recommended to have a Tag applied (All Tags)

  • Filter By Tiles Recommended to have a specific Tag applied

  • Filter By Tiles where Co-Pilot Recommends that you request Rights.

  • Filter By Tiles that have a higher propensity to have higher than normal interactions with Widgets

Sort by Recommendations

Users can also sort content based on the Recommendation Confidence score. This is a probability score out of 100. The score is calculated on the relevant insights which influence the recommendation, and the age of the content. The older the recommendation, the score will be reduced.

There are three options in which users can apply the Recommendations:

  • Per Tile

  • All Recommendations Per Selected Tiles (Batch)

  • All Recommendations on All Tiles on a particular Moderation View Page (Quick Add)

Recommendations Per Tile

Recommendations per Tile are presented at the base of a Tile using Grid View or on the right-hand side of a Tile using Table View.

To apply a Recommendation, simply click on the particular recommendation within the list.

To disable content, Co-Pilot simply hover over the tile and a 'Dismiss' option will become available. The tile will then be removed from the Recommendation list.

Quick Add Recommendations

Use this feature to quickly apply all Recommendations made on an individual page (you can choose between 25, 50, 100).

Select 'Quick Add' to get started. A confirmation pop-up will appear allowing you to select which Recommendations you wish to apply.


Batch Add Recommendations

Users can select the specific Tiles they wish to apply Recommendations. Simply select the Tiles you wish to apply Recommendations to. So long as more than 1x Tile has been selected, the 'Batch Action' option will appear, allowing the user to 'Apply All Recommendations'. By selecting this option, Co-Pilot will apply all recommendations to the Tiles selected.


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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