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How to Manually Assign a Location
How to Manually Assign a Location
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There may be times upon which you may wish to display content based on a specific location. This could be to display live content from an Event, render a map visual, showcase location-specific content on your website, or create region-specific email campaigns.

However, oftentimes, content creators will not include their specific location at the time of posting, or may have accidentally entered the wrong location.

Luckily, it is possible to manually assign/modify the location of a tile within your stack, or set up Automation Rules to do this automatically based on various conditions.

Manually Adjust Location

  1. Go to Curate > Content

  2. Locate a post you are interested in modifying (Potentially by using the Refine By options)

  3. Select the Location Pin on the Tile Thumbnail

    • Screen_Shot_2019-06-21_at_3.59.16_PM.png
  4. From here a modal will appear with a map and search bar.

  5. Once the location is found within the map, select the pin to lock in this reference.

  6. Save changes.

  7. Repeat this process as often as needed.

Note: You can repeat steps 1 - 5 to remove the drop-pin if needed as well!


Use Automation Rules to Adjust Location

To set up location Automation Rules, go to Settings > Automation Rules in the navigation and then select Create New Rule.

  1. Supply the Rule Name. This name is what will be used to help identify the rules from the manage Automation Rules page, so we’d recommend having the specific location name in the Rule Name.

  2. Define the Scope. This determines whether you want to match ALL or ANY of the conditions set within the Trigger section.

  3. Once ALL or ANY has been chosen, you’ll need to create a Trigger condition with the type of Message.

    • In some cases you may want to create a Trigger group- a group is a set of conditions that can have its Scope.

  4. Next, we'll need to select an Action condition with the type of Location. Click the Set Location button to search for and choose the desired location you’d like to apply to ALL tiles that match your Trigger conditions. Note: you could set this to be very targeted with a precise location such as the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’, or you can be more general and set it as ‘San Francisco.’

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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