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UGC Competitions: Best Practises
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Please note that Nosto's UGC Competitions Module will be sunset during Q2 2024 and it's no longer available to new customers.

When it comes to Competition, ultimately the success of any campaign relies on 3 critical factors:

  1. How well you promote it - how will your audience know about it?

  2. How do you incentivize entry - why should your audience be motivated to enter?

  3. How easy you make it for people to enter - how easy can you make it for your audience to enter / can you make it fit with the networks they're on and the way they're engaging on them every day?

Here are some helpful tips to consider when creating a competition.

Choose your networks carefully:

  • Think about the networks your audience is active on, and the types of content they're likely to be comfortable posting. Is your audience likely to post photos on Instagram? Are they more likely to shoot off a Tweet with a #hashtag?

  • Think about the aggregation and Rights Management capabilities of networks e.g. if you're running a #hashtag campaign, Facebook is not a good choice as it doesn't allow #hashtag aggregation (Instagram/Twitter would be better).

  • If you intend to reach out for rights/fulfillment, Twitter and Instagram will help you to achieve this.

  • Consider offering a direct entry method, particularly if your audience isn't socially savvy or doesn't have a private account. GoConnect is built for this purpose.

Consider your objectives carefully:

  • Awareness / Exposure: #hashtag campaigns / multi-network campaigns are best

  • Data capture: Rights Management (supported networks include Twitter / Instagram / Youtube (coming soon)) or GoConnect (direct upload) are a good choice

  • Traffic: Activate voting on a Competition Widget and offer a prize to the most voted tile(s) - your entrants will tap into their networks to elicit support and hence drive traffic to your site

  • Facebook: you can embed your competition in a Facebook tab, and the entry method can be a post directly to your Facebook Page.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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