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Include Stackla Events in BrightSign Network displays
Include Stackla Events in BrightSign Network displays
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DISCLAIMER: The following information and instructions are not set in stone, as we do not have the physical BrighSign hardware to test on. Everything discussed below is based on successful customer setups that we have helped with in the past.

Stackla Even screens can be utilized within BrightSign displays. However, there are a few things that need to be considered before divining in:

  • What BrightSign model is being used?

  • What BrightSign HTML5 engine is being used?

  • Which Firmware version is being used on model?

  • What version of BrightAuthor is being used?

  • Have you asked your Stackla Account Manager/Support to enable Event screen framing in your stack? (If not, you will need to do so)

As we've found in many customers who are using BrightSign, generally they will have the latest version of BrightAuthor and use Chrome on their computers. This means that when testing within BrightAuthor, everything will look fine (BrightAuthor uses your local primary browser). However, the following requirements must be met for things to also work on the physical BrightSign displays.

Minimum Requirements (based on past successful testing):

  • Latest Firmware of BrightAuthor (4.6+)

  • Latest Firmware on BrightSign model (6.2+)

  • We recommend the XT, XD, HD and 4K series models (from a processing perspective)

Once your setup meets these requirements you can continue with your setup!

Stackla Event Screen Setup

Our Event screens will work out of the box, and nothing special needs to be considered on the Stackla side!

Be sure to make note of your Event Screen URL, as you will need this for the BrightSign setup.


BrightSign Setup

Using the BrightAuthor, an HTML5 element will need to be used to add the Stackla event screen to your presentation.

  1. Click the other tab under Media Library, select the HTML5 state, and drag it into the playlist area.

    • BA3.5_1.png
  2. You will be prompted to add local HTML files or a remote page URL to your presentation. This is where the Event Screen URL will need to be entered.

  3. There are multiple other settings that can be adjusted here, but are not necessary for the Stackla Event Screen to function. You can find out more about the additional settings here.

For any further questions or queries, please submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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