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The Organic Advocates Community includes any Content Creators which Stackla has identified as Advocates and recommends you connect with (Identified Advocates), and any Advocates who have already connected to your Advocate Community (Connected Advocates).

If your community is blank, it simply means that no one has yet Connected and Stackla has been able to Identify any Content Creators to reach out to. Stackla identifies Advocates based upon Instagram content aggregated from Business Mentions, Business Photo Tags or GoConnect Social Uploads, or Rights Managed Hashtag content.

Co-Pilot Recommends

Co-Pilot Recommendations are a combination of Identified and Connected Advocates who have been identified as being High Relevant for the brand.


Using Deep Learning, Co-Pilot determines relevance based upon a number of factors including:

  • Number of Aggregated, Published and Rights Managed Posts

  • Visual Recognition Concepts

  • Approved and Rejected Submissions

  • Engagement Data for Connected Advocates

The Recommended Advocates are a shortlist which Co-Pilot believe will be most relevant for any active Creative Briefs you have at time.

Community Listing

The Community Listing will display all Identified, Invited and Connected Advocates relating to your Stack and is where a brand can see content previously aggregated or submitted from Advocates, any relevant stats Stackla has been able to collect, relevance scores and more.


To assist Brands navigating through this list Stackla provides a number of refinement options. These include:

  • Engagement : Engagement rate on Social (Only for Connected Accounts)

  • Followers : Number of Followers on Social (Only for Connected Accounts)

  • Relevance : Co-Pilot Relevance Score

  • Terms : Terms their Content has been aggregated from

  • Rights : Whether any content has been Rights Approved

  • Submissions : Whether they have ever Submitted Content to a Brief

  • Tags : Any Tags that have been applied to the Content Creator

  • Connected : Whether they are Connected to the Advocate Community

  • Search : Keyword / Username Search

  • By Brief : Find any advocates invited to a particular Brief

In this section, brands can look to perform the following tasks to assist in the management of their Community:

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