How to use the Content API & Content Feed
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The Nosto UGC Content API & Content Feed Integration provide easy methods to get a feed of your aggregated content out of the Stackla platform for use in other platforms!

Content API

This option provides a cached JSON feed relating to a selected Filter. Instead of using our REST API endpoints, this provides an alternative method of pulling content out of Stackla, which can then be utilized across multiple use cases!

A few things about this API

  • Data rich endpoint, containing all respective Tile data

  • 30-second cache, no API rate limits

  • No access tokens needed


  1. To get started go to Tools > Content API

  2. Select the Filter.

  3. Copy the API Endpoint and begin developing your custom output or workflow!


Note: The Content API will typically require a bit of technical knowledge to render the JSON feed as a visual display/output of the tile data. You can find additional technical-focused info and how-to's from our Developer Portal.

Content Feed

This option provides an RSS or Atom feed of your aggregated content from the selected Filter. These feeds can be used to deliver social content for broadcast, email, or any other platform that accepts RSS or Atom feeds.


  1. To get started go to Integration choose Content Feed

  2. Click on Configure to select the Filter, and Output Type.

  3. Copy the Content Feed URL and begin developing your custom output or workflow!

Once you have selected the Filter and chosen the type it should look like this:

Note: Systems with known compatibility versions include VizRT Feed Streamer 1.2 or above and Scala Enterprise 10.4 or above.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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