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The Stackla Chrome Extension creates a link between your Chrome browser and Stackla, providing a quick and easy method of performing many Stackla actions from anywhere!


  • On the Stackla extension page, click the "Add to Chrome" button

  • Accept the permissions popup, click "Add Extension"

  • The Stackla icon will be added to the Chrome Extensions bar

  • The installation is complete.

NOTE: The Chrome extension can be used on both the new Microsoft Edge (build on Chromium) and Opera browsers as well, via alternative methods of installation.

Setup the Extension

Opening the Extension

To open the extension click the Stackla icon in the Chrome Extensions bar.


Stackla extension icon circled in red

Logging in

To use the extension you must be logged in to your Stackla account.

  • Click the Stackla icon in the Chrome Extensions bar

  • If you are already logged in to Stackla, the extension will open

  • If you are not logged in to Stackla a new browser tab will open on the Stackla login screen - log in to Stackla.

If you have access to multiple Stacks, use the selector at the top of the extension window to choose the Stack you wish to draw assets from.


What can I do with the extension?

Now that your extension is successfully configured, check out the different way to use the Stackla Chrome Extension more efficiently manage your content:

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to support@stackla.com or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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