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Mailchimp: How to connect the UGC Email Widget with MailChimp
Mailchimp: How to connect the UGC Email Widget with MailChimp
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MailChimp enables clients to either upload their own pre-built HTML email templates to the tool for sending, or alternatively customise on of the existing templates available within the tool. This guide highlights how a user can embed the UGC Email Widget into one of the MailChimp templates.

1. Create a New Campaign

First step is to select to 'Create Campaign' from within the MailChimp Dashboard


2. Select Email

From the available options, select 'Create an Email' from the available Campaign options.


3. Select an Email Type

From here you will be presented with a series of Email Types. UGC Email Widget will work with 'Regular', 'Automated' and 'A/B Test', however for this guide we are going to focus on 'Regular'


Select 'Regular' from the options, select a Marketing List and then populate the relevant details to build out your campaign within MailChimp.

4. Select a Template for your Email

The next step is to select a Template for your email. The UGC Email Widget can be used on any of the existing 'Layouts', 'Themes' or even on the 'Code your own' Email templates.

For the purpose of this guide, we are just going to take one of the Featured Layouts which will allow us to easily add a 'Content Component' to the template.


5. Add a Component

Once we've selected our Template, we can now add our 'Content Component'. The UGC Email Widget will work on the following 'Content Component' types:

  • Text

  • Boxed Text

  • Image Card

  • Image + Caption

  • Footer

  • Code

For the purpose of this guide, we are going to use the 'Content Component' titled 'Text'.


Once we select 'Text' from the list, we simply need to drag it to the position we would like it to appear on our Email template.

6. Open HTML Editor on Component

Once we've added our 'Content Component', the Right Hand side menu in MailChimp should update to allow us to edit the 'Content' similar to the screenshot below.


It is here we are going to want to pick the HTML / Source button (<>) to edit the content source.

Once we click this, it should flip to a Text Editor of the Content Component, upon which we can add our Email Plugin embed code similar to below:


Once added, our the Email Tiles should render similar to below (Note the below Tiles have had Custom CSS applied) in both the preview and in the Emails sent:


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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