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What are Visual Recognition Concepts?
What are Visual Recognition Concepts?
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Visual Recognition uses machine learning to identify objects, scenes, events, emotions and more in your visual content and apply "Concepts" to your Tiles.

Concepts are similar to Tags, however they are not identical. Concepts are text only labels, whereas Tags can contain additional meta data such as custom URLs, descriptions etc.

Concepts appear on the Tile under the Language, Sentiment and Location data.


Applying Concepts to Tiles

There are a number of ways Concepts can be applied to Tiles.

Via Terms

You can choose to apply Visual Recognition to all content that is aggregated through a specific Term.

To do this navigate to Settings > Visual Recognition > Automatically apply to selected terms and select your Term(s) from the drop down list.

You can also choose to apply Visual Recognition to a Term when creating or editing it.

Via Tiles

You can apply Visual Recognition to Tiles in Manage Content.

Navigate to:

  1. Curate > Manage Content

  2. Search for your desired post(s)From the overflow menu select Apply Visual Recognition

After a few seconds, Concepts will be applied to your Tile.



You can apply Visual Recognition to multiple Tiles at the same time. Select two or more Tiles and then click the "Apply Visual Recognition" button from the batch actions menu.


Using Concepts

Filter Manage Content views

A "Filter by" option has been added to Curate Content. You can select 1 or more Concepts from this menu to filter by.


For any further questions or queries, please submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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