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Send To Actions is an extension to Stackla's Webhooks offering allowing customers to trigger manual actions to hundreds of third-party applications when combined with a middleware tool like Zapier.

The Actions can be defined and instigated on either Tiles (Curate Content) or Assets (Asset Manager) and can be used to create workflows such as sending an Asset to Google Drive or data captured via Rights Management to a Salesforce record.

Listed below are the steps to define a 'Send To' action:

1. Add Webhook endpoint to Stackla Webhooks Directory
To find the Stackla Webhooks Directory navigate to Developer > Webhooks in the Stackla Navigation.

The two webhooks relating to the Send To Actions are located at the base of the directory with the names:



Any Webhook defined under TILE - MANUAL ACTION will be available in the overflow menu on Curate Content and will see data relating to a UGC Tile sent in the Action.

Any Webhook defined under ASSETS - MANUAL ACTION will be available in the overflow menu in the Stackla Asset Manager and will see data relating the Asset sent in the action.


2. Add the new Action
Click on the Add button for either TILE - MANUAL ACTION or ASSETS - MANUAL ACTION to define the Action parameters.

Fields that you will need to populate:

  • Webhook Name: This is what will appear in the respective Overflow menu

  • Webhook URL: Where the Tile or Asset data will be sent to

A proxy service is also available if required. Please contact support first if you require this option.


Once you have completed the above steps you will be able to see the defined actions in either the Tiles overflow menu (Curate Content) or Assets overflow menu (Assets).

These actions will be listed towards the base of the overflow menu under the header Send To

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