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FAQ: What is Stack-to-Stack copying?
FAQ: What is Stack-to-Stack copying?
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This initiative is part of the Group Management offering. If you would like to enable this feature please contact your dedicated Customer Success Account Manager.

Agencies and large Enterprise customers often need the ability to copy content from one UGC account to another (i.e. staging to production, or client to client). This offering makes transferring items quicker and reduces any risks of incorrect code being inputted across Stacks.

Nosto offers the ability to copy items such as:

  • Terms

  • Tags

  • Tiles (text, image, and video types)

  • Filters

  • Widgets

  • Competition (tiles that have voting enabled)

To utilize this feature for any of the above-mentioned areas, you can either manually copy a single item or complete the Batch Action option.

How to individually, copy an item

Look for the More Actions drop-down to locate the option, 'Copy to Stack'.


How to copy multiple items using Batch Action
Each of the above options will have a select button next to the item you wish to Copy. Simply select the item(s) you need to activate the Batch Action feature (located at the top of the page).


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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