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How do I create an Official and/or Fan filter?
How do I create an Official and/or Fan filter?
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If you have a stack and would like to differentiate official content and fan content this is the way to do it.

When creating a new term, you can create the tags for Official and Fan and attach them to the corresponding terms.

For instance if you're ingesting content from a Instagram profile you trust, you can tag this as Official and if you're ingesting content from a Twitter hashtag, you can tag this as Fan. This can be done with any of the other social media platforms we ingest content from.

If you're ingesting a hashtag from Twitter or Instagram in the advanced tab you'll see the below Whitelist and Blacklist options.

Here you can whitelist any users and only their posts will be ingested. You can also blacklist any users that you don't want showing up within this specific term.

Once you've created your terms and tags you can click on Curate > Manage Filters and create your filter and add your newly created tag.
For more information on how to create filters you can look at our knowledge base article "How do I create a filter?".

If you have any further questions or enquiries please send an email to or create a new support ticket and our Support Team will get back to you.

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