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Suspiciously Low Cart Abandonment Rate
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Low cart abandonment rates in Nosto’s analytics typically suggest that either mini-cart element is not tagged or tagging is erroneous.

Scenario is easy to debug by adding few items to a shopping cart/bag and tracking how cart tagging and implementation behaves. If the debug tool doesn’t output cart tagging when items are added to the cart, you’ve pinpointed the issue.

If a mini-cart element, typically physically positioned on top right corner, is not tagged as a shopping cart for Nosto, the cart is only visible when and if a customer loads an actual cart page, assuming that this is tagged properly.

In a scenario where the mini-cart element is not loaded as a part of the page, apply internal API call along with regular cart tagging within the mini cart element, which then loads asynchronously cart details for Nosto. Study API documentation here.


<!– mini cart code –>

<!– insert normal cart tagging here–>




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