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Sales Tracking Is Not Working (Zero Orders)
Sales Tracking Is Not Working (Zero Orders)

No tracking

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If you just implemented Nosto, wait for at least 24hrs after Nosto has been initially implemented and that at least one or preferably few orders have been made. (conversion analytics is rotated randomly at least three times in 24hrs)

Conversion analysis and data is vital for Nosto’s algorithms to function properly and therefore customer should be directed from 3rd party payment service back to e-com site’s “order confirmed-page”. Typically other analytics services like Google track conversion from the same page as well.

No Sales Tracked

In case Nosto hasn’t tracked any sales or very limited amount of sales, most likely the order tracking is broken. Review the following:

  • Conversion tagging and Nosto’s script has been placed accordingly on the thank you page and script loads normallyWithin the tagging, price, quantity and orderID are not empty

  • The thank you page is under the same domain to your site and if not add the hostname under account settings

  • Your payment options and services always return a customer back to your site where the thank you page is loaded. See PayPal example later in this article

Nosto Tracks More Sales Than My Site

Please note that Nosto doesn’t process or reimburse unfulfilled orders such as undelivered orders because a customer didn’t pay an invoice as we solely track online conversions.

An Order report is a useful tool to track which orders were made according to Nosto. The tool is available in the admin under Settings > Other > Order report. Order report allow to track possible discrepancies in sales analytics.

In case the discrepancy is notable and there is a clear trend, which is not caused by unfilled orders on one of our core supported platforms, please contact Nosto’s support which will hand you platform specific guidelines how to review further. Please include a short description how big the difference is, possible order numbers which weren’t made and thus shouldn’t appear in the order report and which payment options your customers mainly use.


PayPal payment gateway doesn’t always (or by default in PayPal France) return customers to an e-com site so following steps are required in order for Nosto to function properly.

Log-in to PayPal admin panel and navigate:

1) Menu “Préferences” of the PayPal account

2) Option “Prameters” under the Menu “payPal Intégral Evolution”

3) Option ” Payment confirmation page” -> Tick the option to return on merchant website, which will return customer back to e-com site.

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