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Nosto And SSL (Https)

http vs. https

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In case a site serves pages over SSL (https) Nosto by default respects this and serves its content such as recommendations on the site also over SSL to a browser. For example, if a cart page is served over SSL whereas other pages without encryption, Nosto loads its recommendation using SSL on cart and without elsewhere.

There are few common errors and key points to take into consideration, which are explored in this article.

Case 1: All Nosto’s Recommendations Refer To Pages Using HTTP Instead Of HTTPS

The issue is most likely related to implementation and how product links are mapped to Nosto. This is relatively easy to pinpoint. Navigate to Browse Product section in the Nosto admin and open similarly a few available products to your browser tabs.

If the product url link [screencaps needed] refer to http, click the recrawl button. If this doesn’t change the protocol definition, the issue is caused by erroneous protocol in the implementation. As the site-side implementation is out of Nosto’s reach, consult the party who has implemented Nosto for you or change this by yourself adjusting the implementation and more specifically referring to your products by using https.

Case 2: Images Are Loaded Over HTTP

Most common implication of this is an error or warning in a browser. The reason is mostly the same than above, but you’re referring to images using http and loading them from your server using http whereas rest of the content is loaded over https. Follow the similar steps as for product urls, but change image’s protocol definition. Alternatively you can adjust your recommendation templates and load images from Nosto’s CDN as they are then delivered over https.

Case 3: Some Recommendations Refer To HTTP But Most To HTTPS

This is most commonly caused if you have very recently changed your site to use https instead of http. Locate a product which has an erroneous protocol and search it under Browse Products. If the protocol is still http launch a recrawl.


If that changed the protocol to https, you can speed up the process by launching a full re-index, which’ll correct all erroneous links with some delay, typically in next few hours.


Case 4: I’m About To Move To Load Site Over HTTPS, What Do I Need To Do Regarding Nosto?

This is depends on your implementation. If you used any of our extensions to implement Nosto, your case is #3 and it’ll simply take some time post-deployment for Nosto to update all links. Guidelines how to speed this up under chapter #3.

If your implementation is not powered by an extension, it’s safest to test this on a test environment and debug following steps in chapter #1. As we don’t manage the implementation on your end, consult your developer how to fix, or if you are one yourself, follow the steps described in chapter #1

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