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Account Connection Conflict
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Nosto Magento extension might notify you about Nosto accountID conflict in the UI. This is caused if you attempt to connect a store view to Nosto account, which is already connected to another Magento store view.

Most common reason for the account conflict error is when the same Nosto account is still connected to Magento pre-production / test environment. This causes a severe technical issue as product catalogue and updates are sent to the same Nosto account from both pre-production/test and production sites. Consequently the data Nosto has in its index is erroneous and can cause a situation where all Nosto features refer to a pre-production site instead of actual site where customers can shop, in practice sending your customers to a test-site instead of the actual live site.

This scenario also applies in case you connect multiple store views, typically site language versions to Nosto using the same account. As described in Magento getting started guide, each store view requires a separate stand-alone account.

How To Use Test Accounts

Testing is supported, but for this purpose you need a separate, stand-alone Nosto test account, which can be opened when you connect your test-site and environment to Nosto. Settings and configurations can be then cloned to the production account when your development is finished and you are ready to go live. Read more about test environments and limitations here.

How To Correct Conflict

In case you have already connected both test and production Magento store-views to the same account and everything is ready to go live, fixing requires a couple of steps, but can be done relatively easily, but the order of the steps is crucial.

First, disconnect Nosto from the test-environment by removing the connection from the test store-view. Please note that you may and probably still should keep the extension itself in place so only remove the link between the test-site and Nosto while keeping your live site still connected to Nosto. Keep the extension itself in place in your test-environment.

Second, while logged in to Nosto admin panel on your account intended to product navigate to admin panel under Products > Update products and initiate a full re-index. This will crawl your production site and effectively remove links referring to the test environment. If you don’t have access to Nosto admin for any reason or are unsure what to do, contact Nosto’s support ] and explain the situation. When the re-crawling finishes, typically within a few hours, erroneous links are removed.

Wait until the re-crawling finishes and double check that erroneous links have been removed.

You can optionally re-connect your test site to Nosto by using a stand-alone a Nosto test-account. The key is simply to use a separate account for test and another one to live site.

Fix steps are the same also in scenario where you have accidentally connected multiple store-views to Nosto.

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