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Basics about Nosto's Behavioral Pop-ups
Basics about Nosto's Behavioral Pop-ups

Technicalities and overview of Nosto Pop-up types

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Nosto Behavioral Pop-ups with time-limited discounts eliminate potential causes of procrastination and provide compelling reasons for consumers to buy NOW by creating sense of urgency. And if your customer is leaving the site you can make it easy to follow up via Site Abandoned Popup.

Technically the pop-up is a modal overlay, which offers a discount or another promotional offer which a merchant defines. Optionally, a merchant can ask for an email address before the coupon is offered. A pop-up is automatically displayed to customers based on the chosen campaign type and customer profile. As a further customization option a pop-up can be triggered based on cart value & content, page Url, visit length as pages viewed or by product details such as category & brand.

An example of discount offered to new visitors. Notice the clever copy in the bottom, which would hide the popup

Pop-up Campaign Types

Nosto features five different campaign types, each with unique trigger points which activate and display the pop-up.

  • Maximize Sales from Ad Campaigns: Offer a compelling offer to visitors entering your site from a PPC campaign such as Facebook ads, Google ads, or perhaps from a newsletter, blog or content site. You define the traffic source, Nosto serves the pop-up.
    Trigger: Shown only to visitors entering the site from a specific campaign by adding a url-parameter to the link, which directs a visitor to the site

  • Welcome New Customers: Delight new customers with a personalized time-limited discount code when they visit your store for the first time.
    Trigger: Shown only to new visitors

  • Boost Season Sales: Reward all your customers with personalized discount offers during time-limited campaigns and boost your campaigns by creating a sense of urgency.
    Trigger: Shown to all customers

  • Convert Abandoning Visitors Before It’s Too Late: Engage visitors as they are about to leave your store (exit-intent) with a pop-up offering a discount code. This is a great way to create a sense of urgency for visitors that are about to abandon your site.
    Trigger: Intention to leave / on exit

  • Follow Up Abandoned Carts: Similar to exit-intent offering discount coupon, this pop-up type doesn’t offer a discount, but asks for an email address so that Nosto can dispatch an abandoned cart email if a customer goes on and leaves a cart behind. In order to work accordingly, an abandoned cart email campaign by Nosto needs to be active.
    Trigger: Intention to leave / on exit

  • Javascript API: Supports custom business logic - Pop-up audience is fully customizable as the pop-up is triggered separately by calling Nosto’s Javascript API (link to Nosto's SDK client reference:

Order of priority

When multiple campaigns of the same trigger type are live, you can adjust the order of priority. This is achieved via the order of priority panel.

Drag and drop to adjust which campaign you want to be displayed in priority.

Advanced Rules

Advanced rules allow customising pop-up design by adjusting Html and triggering a pop-up based on an advanced rule such as cart value or Url of a page. Read more here.

How To Activate

Excited and ready to get started? Great! Read easy getting started tutorial here or log-in to your Nosto admin panel.

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