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Localization: How to localize shopspots & widgets
Localization: How to localize shopspots & widgets
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Requires: Subscription to Visual UGC

Visual UGC offers the ability to store variance information for different locales (i.e. USA / CAN-FR / CAN-EN) within a single Product Tag, allowing customers to show different information (i.e. Name, Description, Price, URL) via Visual UGC’s Widgets.

Each locale needs to be represented by a different Product Feed. For customers with one or more Personalization accounts connected with a single Visual UGC account, each account will be created in Visual UGC as a separate Product Feed.

For Visual UGC to group/link these variances from different feeds, the same external product id must be used across each of the connected feeds.

Using different CTA labels & behaviors for each locale

To configure a different CTA label & behavior for the same products in different locales, follow the steps in this guide.

Applying Shopspots / Product Tags for localized products

When curating content that you want to display in different locales, you only need to apply a shopspot or product tag once for a given product.

  • Go to Curate

  • Click on a Tile

  • Click Add Shopspot or Add Tags

A list of products will be shown, and the name of the product you see will be based on the "primary" product feed connected with your account (that is typically the first product feed connected with your Visual UGC account). For products that don't exist in the "primary" product feed, you will see the name of the product based on the first product feed connected with Visual UGC, where that product exists.

Product tags with a localized variant will show a + icon in front of the name; when you hover it, you will see all the localized product names.

You can search for a product by using the external product id or any of the localized variants of the product name.

Previewing a shopspot in different locales

After you apply a shopspot to a piece of content you have the option to preview how that shopspot will look in a different locale.

  • Click on the Shopspot.

  • On the top of the tile, click on the dropdown and select a different locale.

  • You will see that all the details of the product will change to match the selected locale.

You will also notice that shopspots for products that don't exist in a specific locale will be hidden.

Localizing the Header & Load More of a Widget

If you pretend to re-use the same widget across multiple locales, shopspots & product tags will be automatically localized as part of the widget deployment. Apart from that, you can also localize certain parts of the widget, like the Header, Load More, or Previous/Next button, using the custom code editor; you can find examples in this guide.

Deploying localized widgets

Using Nosto Placements:

If you are a Nosto Personalization customer with multiple accounts connected with a single Visual UGC account, you will notice that the same widget is available in all your Personalisation accounts under Visual UGC > Widgets. To deploy the same widget across multiple stores using the Nosto placements, you need to go to each Personalisation account and configure the right Segment & Placement for each widget/account.

Visual UGC will automatically take care of the localization when the widget is loaded in your store.

Using Embed Code:

If you are a Visual UGC-only customer or a Personalization customer that wishes to deploy the widgets via manual deployment using the Embed Code, there are some additional code changes that need to be done to the Embed code before deploying it. You can find the steps required in this guide under the Locales/Markets Configuration section.

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