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Get started with the Dashboard
Get started with the Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to dig into quantitative data such as monthly revenue growth or Nosto campaign performance since going live.

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The dashboard is the mission control and pulse of the Nosto Commerce Experience Platform, providing a high-level overview into everything that is going on across both the e-commerce platform, but also on the utilization and effect of Nosto.


Main dashboard view, at a glance information

The main dashboard view is the designated home for “at a glance” content and mainly aims to provide answers to following questions:

  • How well is my e-commerce store doing in terms of visits and conversions?

  • How well am i acquiring, converting and retaining my customers over time?

  • What Nosto delivery products are we currently using and how are they performing?

  • What Nosto campaigns are currently scheduled or being tested and what is their state?

  • What integrations have we connected with Nosto eg. what services are currently relying on or feeding data to Nosto?

The dashboard directly links users to underlying reports and other data sources with call to action buttons embedded within the cards. This is so that users can move directly from the high-level data to more granular data spread across the interface to make sense of the full picture.

Dashboard cards and associated information

Information on the dashboard is shown in the form of cards with glanceable information that leads a user to the source of that particular data.

  • Site Metrics - The overall performance (visits, conversion rate, total sales) of the e-commerce store across the defined time period.

  • Campaign Overview - The overall performance of Nosto delivery products (Product Recommendations, Category Merchandising etc) across the defined time period.

  • Scheduling - This card allows you to see upcoming or currently running scheduled campaigns. Ended campaigns will also be shown for 14 days.

  • A/B-testing - (Powered by A/B Testing & Optimization) This card allows you to see currently running a/b-tests and their current state of significance. Ended tests will also be shown for 14 days.

  • Integrations & APIs - Easily understand what 3rd party integrations are live to ensure that cross-dependencies are top of mind.

  • Nosto Academy - Access the Nosto Academy to brush up on your knowledge or onboard new team-mates on how to use Nosto effectively.

The cards lead to different sections through the user-interface to provide further context to the highlighted data. Some of the cards lead into full-fledged contextual reports nested under the dashboard such as:

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