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Which Videos Can Play Inline?
Which Videos Can Play Inline?
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All videos from social media can be aggregated and interacted with in a Stackla display. However you will find that the configuration and settings of some videos will not allow them to be played inline, while certain other videos are able to play with no issues.

This comes down to the original source, how the different channel hosts the videos and the type of video that is uploaded.

Native videos from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are unable to play inline, however videos from Vine are able to play inline, along with gif's.

This is because Vine provides their own player meaning that the video is playing inside a hosted iframe page. The Vine video player handles looping and muting of the video automatically. The nature of a Vine means that they are very short, allowing them to load and play very quickly.

For other native videos, from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, the video is played through our own player. Due to the random length, size and volume of the video, auto playing them might not be the best option. If you had a widget with many videos displayed at once, viewing the page would mean downloading the videos (some could be hundreds of megabytes) all at the same time.

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