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How to update your Widget Expanded Tile
How to update your Widget Expanded Tile
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By default, the Expanded Tile option will be enabled for your display. This option allows your audience to view a larger version of the tile (image, text or video) on your Widget.

Note, to change these settings please go to Settings > More Settings > Click through

See below for an example:

Use the below options to customise this Expanded Tile:

  • Layout: Choose from Portrait or Landscape to display the Lightbox.

  • Tick the box if you would like to enable Show Sharing Tools (as can be seen from the image above users can have the chance to share content on their social networks).

  • If appropriate, enter in a Custom Sharing Title and Custom Sharing Text

Tick the remaining options to display more interactions on the Expanded Tile. Note, this area is optional.

  • Tags

  • Votes (only works if you are running a competition)

  • Likes

  • Dislikes

  • Prev/Next Arrows

  • Comments

  • Products (based on Product Tags)

  • Shopspots

Note, You can Preview all changes prior to saving.

What to do next? Use the Custom Code Editor to further modify your Widget (click here), or how to Embed your Widget (instructions).

For any further questions or queries, please submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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