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Making your Content Actionable
Making your Content Actionable
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Take your Widgets to the next level by adding interactive icons. Use these to increase engagement and allow capture your customers at their most engaged point. For example, driving customers to a particular page on your website, signing up to a newsletter, or directing customers to an online purchase page.

How can I get started?

There are a few ways to create these interactive icons.

Custom Tiles

Upload a Custom Tile to promote your campaign objective / end goal. You can also enable the 'Custom Click Through' (call-to-action) option allowing you to direct customers to sign up, register or purchase; you decide. Follow this guide to enable this feature.

Content Tags

Add public facing content tags to your desired posts. These tags are displayed underneath the post, creating a call-to-action. Follow this guide to enable this feature.

Product Tags

To make your content shoppable, you can add product tags or shopspots.

Product Tags are similar to the display of the content tags above. However these can also contain a brief description of the product and also a thumbnail image.

Shopspots are which are icons which sit on top of your content. When the user rolls over the icon, a pop up appears, again showing the brief description and the image.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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