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FAQ: Where can I use Onsite UGC Widgets within my website?
FAQ: Where can I use Onsite UGC Widgets within my website?
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You can place a Widget anywhere you like on your website. Some of the more common places that users place their widgets include:

  • Updating existing or dated Facebook and Twitter-specific widgets: generally located in the right-hand column or footer of many web pages. Create a widget that can incorporate social content from multiple networks that is constantly updated and more user-specific.

  • Creating a dynamic social feed within your blog posts or news articles: Use a widget that connects to a person or event's social account or hashtags. This can provide a more informative experience for users.

  • A live event broadcast for website homepages or event pages: Create a widget to bring all crowd-sourced content into your website or event-specific pages.

  • About pages or profile pages: Great for athletes, actors, contributors, or employees who are looking to build a positive social presence or fan page.

  • Facebook page: Create a new 'tab' and drop in a widget. This way, you'll be able to showcase all the great social content happening across all networks within your own Facebook page. It's also a great way of encouraging your Facebook users to click through to your website. Simply install an app that allows you to embed HTML within a Facebook 'tab'. There are several options to choose from... we particularly like this one.

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