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FAQ: How can I use Widgets & Tag Managers (such as Google)?
FAQ: How can I use Widgets & Tag Managers (such as Google)?
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Onsite UGC Widgets are designed to be embedded in web pages with a simple copy + paste embed code. This embed code is compatible with any web management solution that allows HTML editing, including WYSIWYG editors that are provided by popular content management systems.

Onsite UGC Widget embed codes are location-dependent, meaning they are designed to display your Widget precisely where you paste the embed code into your page.

By default, tag management solutions offer little (or no) control over where on the page a script (eg. a Widget embed code) is appended - often adding them to the <head> of a web page. This makes them unsuitable for deploying Onsite UGC Widgets which need to be embedded in the location you wish for them to be displayed.

Of course, custom tag management configurations could be implemented to control where a Widget embed code is appended however this often requires more effort than a simple copy + paste.

Tag management solutions may provide some benefits in advanced Widget implementations (for example: enabling dynamic filtering) however this would require additional development.


Onsite UGC Widgets are compatible with tag management solutions, however, tag managers are not a recommended method for deploying standard Onsite UGC Widgets.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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