How to Terminate Service?

How to Stop using Nosto?

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As Nosto comes with a standard 12-month contractual commitment, the way to terminate the service is when the contract is due. This article covers most common topics regarding service termination. We are sad to see you leave and appreciate any feedback about what led to this decision, so please let us know how to do better!

I Want To Terminate The Service

You can terminate the Service at any time by 30-day prior written notice by sending an email to We can terminate these Terms of Use at any time by 30-day written notice by sending an email to the email address you have given upon registration ("account owner"). Note: We will continue to charge you for the remaining length of your contract.
The usage and/or return of the information we have collected shall be subject to Data Processing Addendum. In case you used an extension or app to install Nosto, please follow extension specific guides how to uninstall. If your installation doesn’t fall into this category, advise your technical team to remove Nosto’s tracking script or if you are a developer yourself, proceed by removing it.

As a tip, should you want to re-enable Nosto later or would like to quit using our services temporarily, you can always comment the Nosto related parts off from your code as this allows you to restart later easily later on.

In case your termination wish arose from a technical or product problem, we urge you to reach out to the support describing the issue. We may be able to provide a solution and can also improve our services and/or communication if you share your concerns.

I Want To Delete Unused Accounts

Unfortunately we can’t delete accounts if these have been used, but we can disable them and rename them so that they don’t confuse you when you log in to your Nosto admin.
To avoid any misunderstandings, please navigate to the Nosto admin and account settings and send us the accountID(s) you wish to disable. A short description why an account should be disabled is always preferred as we want to avoid disabling an account actually in use; for example for development!

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