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Localization And Language Support
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Nosto accountID connects the site to Nosto. Each Nosto account has a unique accountID.

Different language versions require separate Nosto accounts, which allow in-depth management and localization of each language version of the site. For example, Nosto’s recommendation setup for the German site can therefore differ from the English site. Another localization aspect is naturally using correct language in recommendation titles. Nosto also supports multi-currency which is covered in detail here.

In case a site is localized by language or country, here is how to proceed.

Creating Accounts

Each language/country version of the site require individual Nosto account. Consult Sales or open up an account on or through your e-commerce platform for each language version.


While implementing Nosto, the language selector needs to control which Nosto accountID is used in the embed script. In practice, if an accountID for the English site would be “nostoideng”, this ID is used in the embed script when a customer browses the English site. When a customer changes the language, typically selecting a language using a language selector on the site, this also needs to change the applied accountID in the embed script to match the currently browsed language version.

Following the previous example, when a customer changes the language, dynamically change the accountID in the embed script to match the currently browsed language version. As for now, different accounts have separate billing hence each account will follow their own billing model. After the implementation is done accordingly, each language version uses individual Nosto account, which can are managed separately.

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