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How to use Shopify Add-to-Cart for Onsite UGC Widgets
How to use Shopify Add-to-Cart for Onsite UGC Widgets
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Shopify Add To Cart is a feature that allows you to create seamless shopping experiences for your customers by allowing them to add products to their cart directly from your UGC Widgets.

Configuring Shopify Add-to-Cart for your widgets includes 2 main steps:

Step 1: Global Mapping of your variants

Before setting up Shopify's Add to Cart feature for your products with variants, it is important to review the Global Mapping settings to ensure that your variants are correctly configured. Our platform offers a range of default values for common sizes and colors, so you may already be covered in many cases. Reviewing this setting can help ensure the best possible user experience for your customers.

We offer support for custom variant types unique to your business, as well as color and size variants. See more details here.

Step 2: Customise the Add-to-Cart experience

Our Widget templates come with a default Shopify Add-to-Cart experience, which can be used as-is. However, we also provide the flexibility to customize the entire experience based on your unique brand needs.

To enable Shopify Add-to-Cart for your widgets, go to:

  1. Your widget of choice

  2. Click the Expanded Tile Configuration

  3. Select the Shopify Add to Cart option

  4. Click Preview and the Save

See details here on how to customize the default experience.

Default Add to Cart Widget Experience for each widget template:

Slider Widget

Quadrant Widget

Nightfall Widget

Story Widget

Waterfall, Direct Uploader, Grid, Masonry and Carousel Widgets

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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