Session and Definition of Conversion

Nosto tracks orders by session, and tracks the status of order for 30 minutes and 24hrs after session end. If an order is canceled within 30 minutes after the customer completes their purchase, our analytics will ignore the order. The time period varies depending on the feature a user interacted.

Out of stock is taken into account assuming that information is available on your product page, since Nosto does not serve recommendations of out of stock items. In short, if no recommendations are shown, there can’t be purchases through Nosto.

Conversions, Payment Methods and Returns

Nosto’s core value in the chain is to increase the probability and eventually the number of conversions. In other words: To serve features which drive a customer to purchase. Whatever happens in the order fulfilment phase after an order has been made in a digital touchpoint is beyond our control.

We do not take into account and have no visibility over returned items, no-shows i.e. customer does not pick an order or if a customer doesn’t pay an order made in a digital touchpoint if flexible payment methods such as cash-on-delivery are offered. 

Conversions and VAT (EU) or Sales Tax (US)

Attribution value of a product (or an order) is the full gross revenue (including applicable taxes) received by the store for the purchase.

Sales Through Nosto

The methodology what is an order through Nosto itself is slightly different between different features.

On-Site Recommendations

A customer needs to find a product through Nosto generated recommendation, add it to a cart after clicking a recommendation and later buy the product.

Nosto tracks only sales through recommendations made during the same browsing session. Nosto browsing session expiry time is 30 minutes. If a customer returns to a store for example the next day and buys the same previously viewed product, but this time not through a Nosto generated recommendation but by finding it through site’s regular navigation or other elements, this is not considered as a Nosto sale.

Only items recommended by Nosto, added to the cart after viewing and consequently bought through a recommendation are accounted as a sale through Nosto. For example, if a customer buys three products during the same session and only one through a recommendation, only the recommended and bought item is considered as a Nosto sale.

Triggered Emails

If a customer returns shopping through an email sent by Nosto (re-activation and -targeting) all items bought during the session and 24hours afterwards are accounted as a sale through Nosto as traffic was generated by Nosto. Similar session based pricing to on-site recommendations applies, meaning that a customer needs to make a purchase during the same session after they have clicked an email.

Email Widgets

If a customer clicks an email widget populated in an email and returns shopping, purchases made during the same session and 24 hours thereafter are treated as a Nosto sale. However, Nosto doesn’t take a sales attribution if a recipient of an email clicks other than Nosto widget in an email and returns shopping. Only sales directly associated with a customer clicking a widget are treated as a Nosto sale.


If a customer retrieves a discount voucher through Nosto pop-up, all sales regardless if a customer used the voucher or not, done during the same session when a voucher was handed out are attributed as a Nosto sale. If a customer closes the pop-up window or dialogue without retrieving the voucher, Nosto doesn’t charge anything for the feature.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ad attribution is based on view and click interactions. If a customer is exposed with an ad and then returns shopping within 24hrs after seeing or clicking an ad, this is treated as a Nosto sale based on the full cart value. Read more about the sales attribution model and time window here.

Pricing Summary

Read more about the pricing here.

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