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Creative Briefs allow for brands to define specific Content Campaigns for members of your Community outlining the type of content you would like them create and the method which you would like them to submit it.

If at anytime you need to Edit a Creative Brief you have created, go to Advocates > Creative Briefs and select the Action Menu (...).


From the dropdown you can select Edit Brief which will then load the Creative Brief Builder.


Just like when you Create a Brief for the first time, the options available to you to Edit within your Brief are:

  • Campaign Name : Creative Brief Title

  • Permissions : Decide whether a brief is 'public' or 'private' only

  • Introduction : Add a short one line summary describing the Creative Brief

  • Media Types : Select from Image, Video, Audio Text

  • Description : Add a detailed description of the Creative Brief.

  • Scenes & Location : Define any scene or location requirements for Creative Brief submissions

  • Incentives : Define if there is an incentive for your Creative Brief

  • Submission Methods : Define how your Advocates can submit content to the Creative Brief.

  • End Date : Define when submissions for the Campaign Ends

Once you are happy with your Creative Brief, you can hit Save to update the Brief.

Note: Any submissions which have been made prior to you Editing your Creative Brief will remain associated with the Brief.

Creative Brief Settings:

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