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Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization
Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization

Segmentation & Insights and Onsite Content Personalization

Geo-Location Targeting Options
Increase conversion with Social Proof & FOMO messaging in Nosto
How to use JavaScript in Onsite Content campaigns
How to easily create blocks for content personalization?
Segmentation Summary
How to export segments
How to validate if customers are correctly added to Nosto JavaScript based segments
What happens if I upload a contact that already exists in Nosto?
Exporting CSV files via FTP or SFTP
When I import Customer Data to Nosto, what legal topics I need to take into consideration?
How long does it take for Nosto to process my Customer Data CSV files?
Why is my Customer Data upload failing?
How can I format my Customer Data excel sheet?
How to import Customer Data to Nosto via API
How to manage the integrations of Nosto segments with other services
How to format Customer Data CSV files
Customer Data Import
How to exclude categories from Top Categories panel?
URL Parameters - Segmentation options
Asset Manager
How does Nosto track which page type is being viewed to report statistics in the Page Type Distribution panel?
Page Type Distribution
Why am I seeing Nosto-specific events in my Google Analytics admin panel?
Where are the campaigns loaded from when I use Nosto Onsite Content Personalization?
Are Nosto Onsite Content Personalization campaigns mobile-friendly?
Behavioral Affinities
Discount Affinity Segments
I have issues previewing Placements onsite
Visit Custom Event
What are the Predicted Reach and the Estimated Key Figures?
How to target an element using CSS Selectors?
The revenue generated by all shoppers who belong to all lifecycle segments doesn't match the revenue of all shoppers. Why?
Can shoppers drop from affinity-related segments over time?
What KPIs can I follow when Nosto Onsite Content Personalization campaigns are displayed on my online store?
Can I create a custom segment using "or" operators?
Is this possible to use Nosto's Onsite Content Personalization without using Nosto's Segmentation capabilities?
How Top Categories are generated?
Does Nosto ignore transactional information for Segmentation & Insights?
Do the Segment Insights backdate?
How do shoppers fall into segments?
Can I see a list of customers who belong to a particular segment?
Why can't I use Nosto Segmentation & Insights and/or Onsite Content Personalization?
Can I load assets from my own Content Delivery Network?
Sync Nosto segments with Google Analytics
Can I add a new placement to my page?
What happens if a shopper belongs to multiple segments?
Create Facebook Custom Audiences Based on Segments
What is a slot ID?
Segment Insights
Available variables and attributes for Nosto campaigns
Audience Insights & Builder - General Article
Onsite Content Personalization - General Article
Overview - General Article
Placements - General Article
Google Analytics 4 - Segment Syncronisation