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Terms, Tags, & Filters
What is the Bad Word filter?
What is Geo-fencing and what networks are supported?
How can I automatically publish my posts to save time?
How to set a post to automatically Publish, Queue or Disable
How long will it take for new content to arrive?
How can I only display tweets with images or videos?
How can I aggregate fan posts from my Facebook pages?
How do I include Replies and Retweets?
Can I whitelist/blacklist certain users?
When I create a term, does Stackla grab old content?
Does Stackla ingest hash-tagged Instagram content?
Facebook best practise
Understanding the different between Twitter mentions and replies
Facebook Term types that can be aggregated
What to do if your RSS term encounters the error, "This feed is not reachable. Socket hang up."
What to do if when the RSS feed does not provide images
Term creation best practises
What Networks can Stackla capture content from?
What content can Stackla aggregate from Facebook?
How do I aggregate content from other User feeds on Instagram?
Why do I have to connect my social media accounts to Stackla?
Customize Direct Uploader Error Messages
Where can I find the contact details collected with the Direct Uploader?
How do I remove my Instagram and Facebook accounts from my Stack?
How do I remove my Social account from Stackla?
What are the recommended image sizes for a custom tile?
Connecting your Facebook Account
Adding Geo-fences to Terms (1:42)
What data can I capture with Direct Uploader?
How to aggregate older/historical social content?
Connecting your Instagram Account
Advanced Aggregation (2:29)
What are the supported file formats/limits of the Direct Uploader
How to configure a Direct Uploader form
How to use Create Tile
How to aggregate content from my Instagram Business Account
Troubleshooting - Connecting Your Instagram Account to Stackla
How to create a Term
Editing Terms/Understanding Term Settings
Terms - Twitter Specific Settings
How to Aggregate Snapchat content
How to configure a Direct Uploader into one step